Elections 2008

As we all know by now, election day is less than a week away. With this election being one the most important for all generations, it is important that we all vote and do our civic duty. It is also important as an employer and employee to know what rights you have next Tuesday, as it is a  regular work day. There are bound to be very long lines so plan ahead, one might even want to take advantage of early voting opportunites.

 The following are the rights in Arizona: 


Arizona—Arizona Revised Statute § 16-402 provides that an employee is entitled to leave if he or she has fewer than three consecutive hours in which to vote between the opening of the polls and the beginning of his or her work shift or between the end of his or her regular work shift and the closing of the polls. An employee may be absent for a length of time at the beginning or end of his or her work shift that, when added to the time difference between work-shift hours and the opening/closing of the polls, totals three consecutive hours.

    • Notice: The employee must apply for leave prior to Election Day.

    • Hours: The employer may specify the hours.

    • Paid: Leave is paid.

Make sure you clearly display this in your office or email it to your employees..and remember go vote!