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Recruitment Strategies

Maximize your company’s Return on Employee with improved recruitment strategies

The process of building a successful workforce begins with hiring the right candidate for the job. With an optimized recruitment process, you will enjoy reduced employee turnover and lower costs associated with hiring and onboarding while building the foundation that is necessary for your organization’s success.

Skills and experience are not the only important attributes to consider when selecting a new hire — the ideal candidate will also fit in with your company culture and possess characteristics that align with your organization’s mission and values. The ability to identify a candidate who embodies these traits stems from a clear understanding of the qualities that your existing workforce’s highest achievers possess.

CBR can guide you in perfecting your recruitment strategy in the following ways:

  • Creating a hiring process that aligns with your company culture
  • Articulating goals for the open position in relation to the overall goals of your organization
  • Developing profiles for ideal candidates based upon the qualities of your top performers
  • Crafting clear and accurate job descriptions that will attract stellar applicants
  • Defining and incorporating predictable performance metrics into recruitment efforts
  • Screening and interviewing candidates to identify the right person for the specific position

Recruiting the right people is the first step in building a workforce that will lead your organization to success. Contact CBR to begin optimizing your recruitment process!

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