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HR Services and Management

Additional HR Services

Workforce Performance Improvement

Improve your competitive positioning by creating and providing on-the-job training content for all to use. By standardizing the training and assessments of your employees, CBR enables you to establish, deliver, and deploy training information throughout your company to allow you to maintain the highest company standards of credentials and certifications.

CBR helps identify employee goals, sets standards, and prioritizes learning as a major company objective. Through this method, competency gaps and other shortcomings can be predicted, isolated, and addressed by tailored learning content to enable individuals and employees to adjust and improve their performances.

This on-the-job training helps to improve competitive positioning for your staff which gives them the tools to strive towards their best.

  • CBR lets you manage the performance review process by scheduling and reminding managers of reviews coming up or needed.
  • CBR also brings in 360-degree performance reviews, which allow other employees to contribute valuable insight to the interview process.

With data brought together into easily readable reports that allow managers to look at their entire organization and teams for gaps, focus attention on stellar achievers who can be modeled, and highlight employees that need improvement, this information can aid in tracking, developing, and achieving performance improvement goals.

Trends can also be tracked to show movements in performance, either positively or negatively. This feature can showcase areas of reward and areas that need improvement. This information can then be developed into learning (link) goals and benchmarks for development and a schedule can be set to remind employees and managers of key learning programs that need to be taken or addressed. From this data, employee rewards and reviews are easily managed and benchmarks are put in place.


HR Training and Management

Successful human resources training and development requires that trainers have specific expertise teaching adults skills that will improve their workplace efficiencies and, hence, their company’s productivity and profitability. Finding the right trainer is not as simple as assigning another employee to “coach”. Successful outcomes derive from the skills brought to bear in pre-training assessment, course planning, and training methodology.

Here at CBR, in addition to being a full spectrum provider of administrative and PEO services, we employ staff with years of training and development expertise. We offer general HR training for clients, but can customize to your needs, and accommodate all group sizes. Training can be done via webinar or we can send an HR specialist to your site.

CBR can also conduct harassment training for clients. If a claim of harassment or other discrimination is made, CBR will investigate all parties involved, and make recommendations on disciplinary action. The final decision is reserved for the client. With many states requiring formal Harassment Training, this is a necessary protection for a growing business.

401k Plan and Benefits Package HR

We are proud to offer you and your employees a best in class 401(k) retirement plan, with design options to meet your company’s specific needs.

Key Elements of our 401K Plan include:

  • Employers are protected from fiduciary and trustee liability.
  • Employees are eligible to participate after their probationary period.
  • Employers may elect to match or not match at any level they choose, as permitted by law.
  • An employee has the option to contribute a percentage or a flat amount, not to exceed IRS limits (currently $16,500 per year, plus $5,500 for ages 50+).
  • Under CBR’splan, your employee has the flexibility to invest within a combination of more than 30 brand-name mutual funds monitored by Morningstar.
  • CBR can customize a 401(k) program to fit the needs of each client.
  • Employees can check their account balance daily with our customer “On-Line” feature.
  • CBR prepares the required 5500 reports annually.
  • Employees can transfer funds on-line without loads.
  • Discounted one-time set-up fee $500.00.  Annual T.P.A. fee of $700.00.
  • Clients with 100+ eligible employees have no audit fee(saving $10,000+/per year).
Worker's Compensation Benefits and Management

Make your hard-earned income work for you and save for retirement by participating in Creative Business Resources’ (CBR) Deferred Compensation Plan.

  • Pre-tax Deferrals: Deferred compensation gives you the ability to lower your taxable income.  Participation allows all of your money to work for you before it is decimated by taxes.
  • Tax-Deferred Growth: Your account will grow tax-deferred until withdrawn.  Put 100% of your compensation to work on your behalf.  ($100,000 limit)
  • High Limits: Our deferred compensation plan permits significantly higher contributions than qualified plans such as 401(k)s.  You can defer both base wages and/or bonus pay – you choose.
  • Selective: Take care of your retirement needs not everyone else’s.  A deferred compensation plan can be hiring selective, offered only to highly compensated employees and executives.  Deferred compensation is specifically designed for high earners.
  • Flexibility & Access: Distributions can begin prior to retirement and accounts can be accessed for life events, i.e. college, or can be deferred until traditional retirement ages.  Deferred compensation plans are not bound by retirement guidelines and the restrictions of qualified plans.  You choose when you need your funds.

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