Employee Benefits That
Retain Talent

Secure affordable rates on full benefits for your employees, including healthcare plans from large national carriers.


Employee Benefits Package

Want to attract and keep superstar employees? Providing full, corporate-style benefits could be critical when you are negotiating with prospective employees.

Competitive Benefits Without Attendant Price Spikes

The healthcare market is volatile, and maintaining affordable rates for a plan that your employees like can be a challenge. By becoming part of the CBR family and leveraging our buying power, you gain access to competitive benefits packages without the attendant price spikes. We offer large group health insurance plans with branded national carriers.

CBR Makes It Easy To Offer a Full Employee Benefits Package, Including:

  • Group Health Plans (PPO, HDHP, with a variety of networks to choose from)

  • Health Savings Accounts

  • Dental Plans
  • Prescription Plans

  • Group Dental Plans

  • Group Vision Plans

  • Individual Coverage Plans

  • Group Term Life Insurance

  • Short-Term Disability

  • Long-Term Disability

  • Flexible Spending Accounts

  • Identity Theft and Legal Plans

  • Dependent Care Accounts

  • Supplemental Plans (Accident, Critical Illness, Hospital Confinement)

  • Long Term Care

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Pet Healthcare (United Pet Care)

  • 401k Retirement Plan

  • Deferred Compensation

  • College Savings (529 Plans)

  • Holiday and Vacation Clubs

  • ACA Compliance, Tracking and Reporting

By leveraging CBR’s large group health insurance buying power, our clients enjoy stable year over year benefit costs. Our range of value-added services includes delivering custom solutions to you for all your health care management needs, including benefit plan analysis, contribution strategies, health and wellness education and training, and employee policies and consumer-driven programs.


to onboarding, training, and retaining top talent.



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Why You Should Offer Employee Benefits

Offering a quality array of employee benefits will pay off through a stronger, more productive workforce with employees committed to your company. Employees value a comprehensive selection of benefits including health insurance, a 401(k) plan, life insurance, dental and vision coverages, and these benefits are but a few of the plans that you can select from our offerings.

Armed with a range of materials, we will educate your employees about the benefits you offer and how they can best use their plans. Plus, our communications help employees understand how laws and regulations such as health care reform, COBRA and FMLA, impact them and their families.

Benefits Administration Services

  • Benefit plan shopping and annual renewals
  • Open enrollment meetings
  • Benefits premiums payment and reconciliation
  • ACA tracking for Applicable Large Employers (ALEs)
  • ERISA reporting/disclosure
  • Benefits assistance and guidance for employees and business owners
  • Premium only plan (Section 125) administration
  • Benefit rate negotiations
  • Employee eligibility tracking and administration
  • Employee eligibility tracking and administration
  • HSA plans administration
  • Retirement plans – standard 401k, Safe Harbor
  • Retirement plan fiduciary risk management
  • Retirement plan – annual discrimination testing
  • Long term benefit plan cost containment strategies
  • Profit sharing plan and program administration
  • Group health/prescription plan
  • Group dental plan
  • Group Vision Plan
  • Group term life plan
  • Group short-term and long-term disability plans
  • Education on money management and retirement resources
  • Qualified retirement plan rollovers
  • Non-qualified plan set up/deferred compensation
  • Section 162 bonus plans
  • IRA contribution and distribution planning

Options That Make a Difference

We offer multiple plan options. By giving you a variety of choices, you get the flexibility to customize your medical benefits to meet your employees’ specific needs. Aetna is our large group medical carrier, offering a variety of plans including both low and high deductible health plans as well as “narrow” network plans. We can customize your medical plan based on your employees’ needs, while keeping your overall budget in mind.

Our large group voluntary plans include, dental, vision, life insurance, accident insurance, critical illness, legal plans, disability insurance, telemedicine plans and pet insurance. With all plans, employees take advantage of large-group rates, the convenience of automatic payroll deductions and in some cases a pre-tax benefit. Most voluntary insurance products have portable coverage, which means employees can keep their policies if they end up leaving your compnay. Employees will typically pay a 100 percent of the premium for voluntary coverage or you may choose to contribute to some or all of the benefits.

Do you find it difficult to keep up with the legislation affecting insurance, your industry and your business? At CBR, we have access to numerous resources designed to help you understand important regulations and experts in dealing with the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, HIPAA, and Medicare Part D.

Working with CBR means you gain access to specialists in benefits offerings, including:

  • Federal MarketPlace expert
  • Individual Market expert
  • Licensed Medicare expert
  • Corporate Wellness expert

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