Updated: July 2022

In the quest to build a strong, talented workforce that will drive an organization’s success, hiring the right people is the first step.  Thanks to the Professional recruitment and talent searchinternet and mobile job search apps, today’s recruiters are faced with a more expansive pool of applicants than they ever were in the past.  Sifting through these applicants to identify those who promise to bring the most value to the organization can be an overwhelming task.
As you search for a new addition to your workforce, consider how to most effectively leverage the tools at your disposal:

The job description

    • Job descriptions should comprehensively and honestly describe the requirements of the position.  Crafting a job description that will zero in on the most suitable candidates mandates a thorough understanding of the company’s culture and the challenges of the open position. The description should not be limited to experience and educational qualifications but should discuss desirable personality traits in light of those possessed by the department’s top-performing employees.  However, when selecting candidates, it would be a mistake to rule out those who lack all of the desired criteria; remember that skills may be taught, while traits like an individual’s attitude, work ethic, and creativity are generally inherent.

The interview

    • As a recruiter’s best, and sometimes only, opportunity to assess a candidate’s fit for the company and the position, the interview process is a high-pressure experience for both parties involved.  In addition to the standard questions designed to gauge the candidate’s skills and qualifications, it is important to pay attention to his or her personality and social skills.  Does the candidate exude passion?  When asked about previous jobs, does he have a negative attitude?  Does he seem like a team player?  What observations do you have about his body language?  Allow the interviewee ample time to ask questions about the company and the position.  This will give you the opportunity to see how much the candidate has researched your company, allow you to gauge his interest level, and based upon the information that you provide, may help him decide whether he truly wants the job.  Another technique is to present the interviewee with a hypothetical scenario representing a problem that he may face in the role and ask him how he would go about solving it.  This will allow you to assess the candidate’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills while under pressure.

Your existing team

    • Utilize your current employees, particularly those who will be working closely with the new hire, to help you assess the candidate’s suitability for the role.  As part of the interview process, have the candidate meet with at least a few of your employees.  These encounters may be informal, such as arranging for the candidate to meet with your employee over coffee or lunch.  When multiple members of the team have the chance to interact with the prospective hire, they can compare observations and thoughts on whether the person would be a strong fit for the organization.

Social media as an investigative tool

    • Conduct your own background check by investigating the candidate’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  While it may seem to be common sense for job candidates to sanitize their social media accounts or at least keep private anything that could be construed as incriminating, many neglect this advice.  Even if you do not find anything offensive, the material that they leave available for viewing can tell you a lot about who they are as individuals and may help you determine whether they would fit in with your company’s culture.

Industry-specific job sites

    • While the major job search sites attract tons of traffic, targeting niche or industry-specific sites may help to make your recruitment process more efficient.  These sites tend to attract job-seekers who are more experienced in and passionate about their fields, which translates to more serious prospects for you.

Selecting the right candidate is a lengthy process with serious implications for your workforce.  By taking your time and strategically using the tools available as you embark on the recruitment journey, you will improve the odds of finding someone who will fit in with your existing team and work to accelerate your organization’s success.
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