FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                                           August 24, 2020

Creative Business Resources Acquires ManageStaff, Inc. to Expand Outsourcing Services

Creative Business Resources has acquired the Professional Employer Organization, ManageStaff, Inc., to expand capabilities within the Human Resources Services industry.

PHOENIX — Creative Business Resources (CBR), the leading Human Resource Services provider, has recently acquired ManageStaff, Inc. to magnify their footprint with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) platform. The ManageStaff, Inc. acquisition provides a PEO service that enables businesses the ability to outsource all Human Resource (HR) administrative needs.

The acquisition bridges two pioneer HR outsourcing organizations together to continue providing premier customer service, support, and success for clients of all business sizes. With a combined experience of 40-years in the HR Services industry, CBR is now able to offer clients an all-in-one solution with comprehensive support for all HR, payroll, benefits, and worker’s compensation services.

“We are very excited to be working with the ManageStaff, Inc. team and their clients,” said Michael Tope, CEO of Creative Business Resources. “Both businesses have been in the valley for over 20 years and have the same high-touch client service culture that helps businesses focus on more profit-producing activities. I believe our clients will sincerely benefit and flourish from the acquisition.”

By providing an advanced PEO outsourcing platform, CBR will continue offering clients customized HR Services that reduce operating expenses and improve productivity. Aiming to help businesses boost their overall return on investment, the acquisition of ManageStaff, Inc. allows clients to outsource all HR needs and focus more on core business principles to grow their business.

To learn more about the acquisition and discover CBR’s HR outsourcing capabilities, visit today.

About Creative Business Resources: Founded in 1997, Creative Business Resources (CBR) was built with the belief that small and medium-size businesses should have access to cutting-edge, customizable HR services. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., CBR provides comprehensive HR, Benefits, Payroll Solutions, and Risk Management Services to help companies improve productivity and reduce costs. With over 20-years of experience as the HR outsourcing industry leader, CBR delivers the highest levels of value, quality, and high-touch customer service. The company is committed to providing exceptional HR Services through access to knowledgeable and energetic professionals working in a dynamic team environment.