Office Ultimate Package Seasons 1-4 DVD set Have a story from work that would give your HR manager a headache?  Submit your HR horror story and you could win The Office Ultimate Package Seasons 1-4 DVD set. We are looking for stories rich in nightmarish qualities, un-PC-ness, humor, creativity and originality.

To get you thinking, here are two HR horror stories from our staff:

Example 1:

Employee had been terminated by his/her foreman supervisor but the foreman did not tell corporate. He was submitting hours and cashing in the termed employees paycheck. When the terminated employee went and filed for unemployment benefits his former company said he was still employed, when he was actually not. The company lost $3,000 because of a dishonest employee not paying attention to detail on the field.

Example 2:

An employee used the company car to attend a non-company sponsored get-together, and picked up her co-worker to attend.  They got in a car accident and it was the employee’s fault.  Employee got in trouble for using the company car and having an unauthorized person in the car.  The two employees had slight injuries, the driver sued.

How to Enter

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Contest Guidelines

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Deadline is Friday March 27th, 2009

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