In meeting with some business owners lately, I started noticing a pattern that could very well be the root of many HR problems

"I want to increase our benefits offering to our employees…" OR "We need better dental insurance" are phrases we (in the HR industry) have heard many times.  Often, these are presented as "THE SOLUTION" – So what is the ACTUAL problem? Turnover, Morale, Productivity, Recruiting, etc.?

So when sitting with these business owners, I find myself asking the same question time and time again:

"So when you [business owner] asked your employees what is the top 5 reasons you (hate, love, would leave, would stay) working here, what did your employees say?

MOST COMMON ANSWER – "Well… I didn't ask"

No matter what the problem – DON'T COME UP WITH THE SOLUTION IN A VACCUMM!!! You might just spend a LOT of money trying to fix a problem on the wrong end…

Just food for thought –

Harry Glazer