Companies are trying to cut costs…the usual.   What ever happened to companies trying to supply benefits for their employees?    

It seems simple, if you are an employer and want to have an edge on all the other employers out there, offer great benefits.  This will not only give you the benefit of attracting employees, but it also gives you a distinct advantage of retaining them.   

This article, from the touches on the increasing costs of health care and how employees are having to pay a higher portion of the costs incurred.   A section states, “56 percent, plan to trim their health-care tabs next year by requiring that their employees make a larger premium contribution or pay higher deductibles, co-pays or out-of-pocket contributions, according to survey findings from the Mercer Health & Benefits report.“   

How can you go about reminding these employers the importance of having an employee who feels valued?  If you scratch your employees back (hint…benefits), they will scratch yours (productivity). Learn more about employee benefits and other HR information today.