The subject of healthcare reform is not only timely but the eventual outcome will affect every citizen personally and professionally.  With an increase in information it is becoming tougher to know where to get accurate information. Knowing how it will affect your business and your personal health care needs makes this a topic for all to be interested in, no matter what side of the political fence you sit on. It is important to stay educated and informed. To summarize a little bit of recent news in regards to businesses and recent bills proposed, according to Benefits by Design’s recent newsletter, under currently proposed bills “employers will be mandated to provide health benefits to all of their employees, even if they already provide comprehensive coverage and employers will have to contribute specific amounts towards their employee premiums. Employers that don’t do this will face harsh penalties. The Senate bill does exempt employers with less than 25 employees, but the House bill applies to all employers with payrolls of $500,000 or more, which could cause wage stagnation and the loss of millions of jobs.”  Some helpful resources include this website where you can see some proposals that have been submitted to Congress. (  It shows how each reform option compares to the next. What can you do? Feel free to contact your local officials to get your opinions across.