Should all business owners be scrambling to make sure that they are in compliance with the new Arizona immigration laws, or just wait around to see if it ever fully integrates itself within Arizona businesses? Isn’t that the question of the last few months? Well, I guess the safe thing to do is to just be prepared for whatever happens. CBR is out to help all Arizona businesses prepare and be knowledgeable in the wake of Governor Napolitano’s signing of the new legislation. Under this new law, officially titled the Legal Arizona Worker’s Act (HB 2779), Arizona employers and companies with employees in Arizona will face severe penalties for failing to comply. Lunch and Learn: Understanding the New Arizona Immigration Law is the seminar developed by CBR for their clients and all Arizona businesses to better understand the new roles and requirements of employers. RSVP now to have a seat reserved for you and your Arizona business. Its better to be safe than sorry!