A few new findings that you should know: 

Audit Programs:

A 401k audit is most likely going to become part of your future this year.  A recent United States Supreme Court ruling has paved the way for retirement plan participants to sue the sponsors of retirement plans for losses incurred if any fiduciary misconduct or mismanagement can be shown.  In order for companies to protect themselves from such litigation, a 401K audit  is going to have to be carried out, and the estimated cost of such audits are running about $15,000.  This is a considerable expense, but the risk of a lawsuit could be so much greater.  Can you afford that risk???

The best way to avoid exposure is to discuss with CBR the advantage of shifting the risk and liability for your 401K over to CBR and completely removing yourself from the risk of getting sued.  How is this possible? It is possible through the Multiple Employer Plan, or MEP.  The MEP allows many employers to have their own plan, administered by CBR without the risks.  The CBR MEP has features that protect our client companies from traditional fiduciary and plan trustee liabilities.  If your current 401(K) plan is out of compliance, employees are able to pierce the corporate veil and go after the personal assets of the plan sponsor-usually the business owner. 

I also saw this recent survey from BLR.com:

"A survey of compensation and HR professionals indicates that 80% of employers have maintained their matching contributions to employee 401(k) plans throughout the recession. What’s more, of the organizations that suspended their match, half say they will consider reinstating it this year. "