Every change in season seems to bring on new "wars" in the office.  The AC War.  For the most part, we can laugh at it.  But these constant changing of the temperatures in the office could be adding to an influx of colds and other ailments.  You know you have seen it.  One employee is "freezing" in their office and bumps the control up to warm it up.  Two offices down the hall all the sudden wonders why they are sweating and gets up to adjust the thermostat down to "his" comfort level….and the war begins. 

Some offices will lock a box around the control box to keep this from happening.  That is fine, but what about the person sitting in the office that happens to have poor circulation?  You’re wondering if I mean the vents or the blood flow of the employee.  Well, I mean both. Are companies obligated to purchase heaters and fans to keep their employees happy?  What about the "warmer" employee falling asleep on the job, being lathargic from the heat? Or the "freezing" employee with the sniffles, sneezing all day.  How does this affect productivity?  Should we be worried?

Really, I am just wondering.  Just wondering while I am typing away with my frozen fingers.