Problem and Solution Part 3

This month we have been focusing on some interesting topics in our social media outreach and newsletter marketing. We wanted to take a closer look at those policies which imply many social implications and work place complications.

Have you thought about your company’s fraternization and nepotism policies lately? I don’t want to offer any advice on what I think you should do, but if you think you don’t need to think about it, have policies in place, or that this type of stuff would never happen in your company, THINK AGAIN!>

These topics fall within the category of our “human nature” and they are ok. One might want to hire someone in our family if we think they would be great for the job (we do know them very well after all) or they have fallen into hard times and you have an opportunity for them.  Some items you might want to consider include:

  • Screen all of your applicants byt the same criteria
  • Be consistent by applying the same job performance standards and expectations to every employee
  • Follow- impartially- company discipline policies
  • Be open about the policy

It is also perfectly natural that we may be attracted to a coworker. In this case, even if it is just a new friendship, productivity is still important in any work environment. This is where you need company policies to support your arguments. Some items you may want to consider include:

  • Be aware of the high probability that it will happen
  • Make sure you and your employees are aware of your fraternization policies (either you allow it or you don’t)
  • If you do not allow it make sure employees know of the consequences
  • Make sure your employees know the expectation of their job description so if their productivity levels fall due to a new relationship they are not surprised by you bringing it up.

In all of these situations if you have policies to fall back on you can basically fall back on them to support you and your company in tricky situations. For more consultation or help with these policies please visit our site at or contact us at (602)200-8500