A problem in your business could be relying too much on the HR knowledge of your long term employees. In many companies there always seems to be that one person who has been there the longest, knows the most, and always lets you know about it. In addition, the problem is that this knowledge does not last forever. Once this person leaves the company you have to start all over in which frustration sets in and time is lost.

The solution is implementing systems that will with stand the test of time and your always evolving business.

Companies are always changing and evolving with new people and ideas so having consistent systems in place are essential to running your business. In order to run an effective business you have processes put in place to run invoices, customer service concerns etc., so why not have systems to support HR, payroll, work comp, and benefits. With pairing technological systems, outsourcing your efforts to companies that do this for a living, and knowledge of people, one can solve this problem. Once you have implement systems of some sort you can expect the following:  

  • Creates a company culture with consistency in operations, policies and procedures as well as overall employee morale.
  • Consistent knowledge base throughout the whole company, even when new employees start.
  • Systems will provide you the avenue to ensure that you have the right people in the right seats on the right bus. If there is a need for a change you will have the necessary information such as documentation, signed policies and procedures, and corrective action to make the change with your employees. 

These so called systems can be intimidating at first. Some examples of these “systems” might be tracking systems, leveraging your technology in a uniform and consistent way, outsourcing your efforts to a company that can do it all etc. There are a variety of systems that are available to support your HR needs that include the following:

  • Time and Attendance – Tracking your employees time and attendance will provide you the information to correct attendance issues, unnecessary overtime, and job costing for specific projects.
  • Payroll – Utilizing a system that is designed to reduce the number of hours you or a valuable team members spends processing payroll can allow you time to focus on the profit producing needs of your business.
  • HR Management – In having an employee handbook, policies and procedures along with an HR team (like CBR) to track these items will allow you the time to focus on correcting behavior as well as making changes in your company.

More time as a business owner to actually run the business. Less time training multiple times. Stay tuned for more typical HR problems and our solutions to them!