Help My Resume is dedicated to helping the millions of unemployed across America by offering no-charge assistance programs designed to improve a recipient’s marketable skills and self-confidence. Our programs include:
•Professional rewriting services
•A Grant Program to address an immediate financial emergency
•Ready Start Program that supplies job candidates with a new set of clothes
•Scholarship Program that awards persons with an educational scholarship fee of $2,500 or $5,000.
•Get Healthy Program to help those who desire to improve their level of physical fitness and emotional well being
Flippin Creative Inc. has put together The Flippin Pay My Bill Contest to help one household with their gas and/or electric bill for one year. This contest was also established to raise awareness about Help My Resume and to raise money to continue to service unemployed individuals across the United States. This contest is registered with the great State of Arizona.
Prizes Include:
1) One Grand Prize Winner: Will receive $3,600.00 to put towards their gas and/or electric bill
2) One Runner Up: Will receive a brand new 2nd generation 32 GB Ipod touch
3) One Third Place Winner: Will receive a gift card to Macy’s worth $150.00
Here is how it works:
1) Click the Donate button to donate $10.00. With your donation you will automatically be entered to receive one of three prizes.
2) We are only allowing 10,000 entries so, you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of having your utilities paid up to $3,600.00.
3) On October 1, 2009 we will pick one grand prize winner and a second and third place winner. Winners will be notified by phone and email.
Visit their site for more details at