Do you have those customers that call all the time, ask too many questions, and demand too much time?  Just go ahead and fire them!  When you take a closer look at how much time and money you spend trying to satisfy their needs, are they really worth servicing?  By getting rid of the unprofitable clients you have, you could make one of the smartest business moves there is, freeing up time and resources.

The example given in an article from stated, “Yes, breaking up may be hard to do, but when a client is costing you money or making you crazy, it can be a smart move.  Severing unprofitable or exhausting relationships can, after the initial fallout, boost your company’s revenues.”

To clarify a little, the article isn’t saying to just fire off customers that are time consuming and irritating,  because a loss of revenue could sink the company perhaps.  Take a closer look at how much time and what resources are being used to service your clients.  I like to go by the saying, is the juice worth the squeeze?