Sounds bad but is it true?  While it is not my personal opinion, has the role of many HR departments today defaulted to just handling employee paperwork and putting out mediocre fires?   

I talk to many business owners and HR managers and I can’t tell you how many times I cringe hearing about what the role HR actually plays in the business.  What is even more baffling, is that many of these business leaders are often heard saying “My employees are the life of my business” and in the same breath, they deny the fact that HR plays a vital role in the strategic planning and development of the future of the business. 

The Role of Human Resource Professionals

Don’t believe me?  Ask yourself – How many times in the last year has a representative of HR played a major role in the big, high-powered planning meetings?  When a big contract is being considered or growth is being discussed, is HR being involved on the “should we do this” meeting – or is it a “we just decided … now we need your help to make it work” conversation? 

As human resource professionals, are we too busy with putting our fires and dealing with the “admin” part of HR that we don’t have time or energy to devote to being that strategic & forward thinking force in our companies? 

I am sure this is not the case in your HR department, but consider this – if this thought hasn’t crossed your mind lately, is it possible that the reason you haven’t thought about it is because you are “too busy with putting our fires and dealing with the “admin” part of HR”?