There are certain guidelines to follow when forming a successful team in business.  Two of the hardest parts are finding the right people to interview, and hiring the right people. 



In order to attain a winning team, there has to be a balance of characters, attitudes, and personalities.  There are four main types of employees, as described in this article from BusinessWeek, magicians, warriors, sovereigns, and lovers. 


 Does your company have the right mix to be winners?

The Four Types of Employees

Magicians. They are the rational yet imaginative souls in your organization. They think a new idea or insight is the only thing that can move the world. In truth, they're obsessed by ideas. Their answer to feeding the troops is to pull a rabbit out of a hat. These types of people think a mere argument over an idea equals action.

Lovers. For them, everything comes down to human relations. They're pragmatic but emotional. They focus on building the winning coalition. They are obsessed not by ideas but by feelings. They consider agreement an action.

Sovereigns. They are the emotional and imaginative types. They focus on the big picture and judge everything on whether it leads to where they want to go. They redefine what people consider is possible. They are obsessed by beliefs. And they consider direction a form of action.  

Warriors. They are rational and pragmatic. They're focused on the next battle and can only see clearly what's directly in front of them. They hold people accountable to systems and the fairness of those systems. They're obsessed by facts. For them, action is finding the critical factor to get something immediately accomplished.