Everyone has done it once for sure, sent the e-mail forward of the funny pictures and witty sayings.   You know the ones I’m talking about.  The car that got run over by a semi, or the house that was destroyed by a boulder, or the better yet, the person who is caught in an embarrassing situation.   Did you ever think that sending these types of e-mails can actually be productive in the workplace?

I found an article on CNN.com that backs my theory.   It says, “A lot of times your relationship with a co-worker will border on friendship, By sending a co-worker something humorous you are building camaraderie.”  Also, she went on to say, “In any relationship, sending the e-mails is a way to reduce awkwardness and provide a context for starting a conversation.  It’s an excuse to talk to people you don’t talk to every day, and it’s a way of building up social capital,” Bruckman said.

Most companies don’t want their employees wasting company time sending e-mail forwards, and I don’t blame them.  But would it really hurt the company if they are improving relations with fellow employees?  Providing a better working community and environment for your employees can make a big difference between having energized, motivated employees and having the office be a dreaded chore.