Give Thanks to the HR department in your company!

  1. Paychecks. You didn’t think that your pay was determined by little elves who then magically printed your check right month in and month out, did you?
  2. Fairness. Sure, you complain about HR, but who’s the first one you run to when things don’t seem fair? You know.
  3. Training. There are people you never even heard of in your company who work in Learning and Development. Know what they do? They design those training classes that help you advance your career.
  4. Benefits. They “owe” you benefits, right? I don’t think so. A lot of HR pros spend countless hours toiling to make sure that your benefits go for the greater good. And, surprise, they haggle with insurance companies on your behalf.
  5. Vacation. You might be surprised to find out that a company doesn’t have to offer vacation or pay you for it. HR pros work for you to make your time off policies be competitive, the best for you, and the most financially responsible for the company.
  6. Disability. Sure, there are government mandates for disability, but there’s also HR in your corner helping you through your disability. You don’t call your manager when you have to go on long-term disability, do you?
  7. Coworkers. Look left; look right. See those people working alongside you? Thank HR. They’re the ones who have to plan staffing and recruit candidates. Then they prepare the offer letter. Onboard the new people. Exit the bad ones.
  8. Reviews. I know, you hate performance reviews. I do too. But guess what? If HR weren’t there to move performance reviews along, that schmuck that you’d been working next to for the last three years would still be there. Keep the goods ones and dump the bad ones. Who do you call? HR.
  9. Increases. Sure, your manager makes decisions about your merit increase. But where did that money come from? HR compensation spends a lot of time making sure that money and headcount match. And they watch the market to make sure it’s fair. Result: More money in your pocket.
  10. Bonuses. Hello, Bonus. Hey, isn’t that the most beautiful of seasons? Here’s the broken record, but guess who’s behind that glorious bonus check? You know it. Your friends in HR, who are watching competitive pay practices across the world and are talking about the business effects with managers. (Those of you who got huge stock option grants in the late 1990s should hit your knees every day and be thankful.)

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