I’m sure there are still a few more appeals, but the Arizona Employer’s Sanctions Law is a go.  Get familiar with the rules and regulations.

House Bill 2779 (Fair and Legal Employment Act)

Prohibit employers from knowingly or intentionally hiring undocumented workers. – Starting Jan. 1, would require all employers to run their employees through the Basic Pilot Program to determine their legal status. Use of the program would act as a sort of immunity for employers facing prosecution under the law.

1st offense: Businesses caught “knowingly” employing an undocumented worker would lose their license for up to 10 days. Those caught “intentionally” hiring an undocumented worker would lose their license for at least 10 days.

2nd offense (while on probation): Permanent revocation of the business license.

The big question remains on how will the law be enforced? – Investigations would be conducted based on complaints against employers.

If the complaint was shown to be valid, the investigator would be required to notify U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and local law enforcement.

From the state’s 2007-08 General Fund, the bill would provide $100,000 to the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, and $2.4 million to be distributed to county prosecutors.