Has your company tried out social networking or blogging?  Better jump on board before your company is left behind.In a article I just read from Business Week, it goes into fine detail on the ins and outs of where businesses are looking to make an advertising splash.  Yes, that’s right, social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace are and have been the hot topics around companies.  Also, another craze has caught on called blogging.  "Go ahead and bellyache about blogs. But you cannot afford to close your eyes to them, because they’re simply the most explosive outbreak in the information world since the Internet itself."  I find it fascinating that blogging has become such a phenomenon.  Who would have thought that hearing other amateur people’s opinions on a particular topic would be something of interest to the masses of people that surf the internet?  Its the new generation that you always heard when you were a kid from your grandmother.  "Back when I was younger…", you know what I mean. 

Some numbers from the article that really caught my attention were, " There are some 9 million blogs out there, Yes, there were 9 million, but how many of them were active? Probably only a fraction. In early 2008, says Technorati Chairman David Sifry, the search company indexes 112 million blogs, with 120,000 new ones popping up each day. But only 11% of these blogs, he says, have posted within the past two months. That means the active universe is closer to 13 million blogs. Kevin Burton, CEO of FeedBlog, argues that the number should be lower, from 2 million to 4 million blogs. with 40,000 new ones popping up each day."