With the staggering number of employers still waiting out the decision on immigration, the mad rush to be in compliance is on hold for the majority of business owners. Where is your company at when it comes to the new immigration laws? Have you begun the process to be in compliance? Or, are you taking the “see what happens” approach?  According to the September 18, 2007 article in the Arizona Republic titled “Firms sign up for the employee verification ahead of law,” many employers are rushing to be in compliance. When and if this new law passes, it will require that ALL employers in Arizona enroll in the E-Verify program, or risk having their business license repealed if caught with undocumented workers.  

Also stated in the article is a stat that caught my attention, “U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services said 1,117 Arizona employers were registered as of Friday.” That is more than double the 433 participants when the law was signed!  It’s still only a fraction of more than 150,000 employers in Arizona!  So, when are the other 145,000 employers going to register? What is holding YOU back from registering? Drop me a line and let me know (click on the Comment link). Or, visit CBR’s new AZ Immigration Compliance website to learn more about this issue.