Have a bad excuse for missing work?  Everyone knows the basics, such as you are “under the weather”, suffering from the “24-hour bug”, something with the kids or spouse, jury duty, and the list goes on.

Now there is a new way to get away with skipping out on work and have proof.  Get a fake doctor’s note!  This article from Azcentral.com, tells you how you can provide proof of why you weren’t able to make it in that day.

I find it hard to believe that it would ever actually come to having to use a fake doctor’s note, but now all bases are covered.  If you’re a slacking employee, and can’t suck it up for the whole eight hour day, you now can rest assured knowing you have a fool proof lie to tell your boss in the morning.

Just keep in mind that if your boss calls to verify the appointment, you’re out of a job!