Everyone always thinks a bigger salary equals a better life, more security, and that one will just be all around happier. Unfortunately this might not be true anymore. According to a recent article on CareerBuilder.com this is an idea that one should think about a little more closely. The article gives four clear points to back up this theory. First off, if after some negotiation you actually get a raise, in the case of downsizing you could be the first one to be laid off because your pay might not match your talent or skill level. Secondly, you will lose more money at a higher salary when you get placed in a higher tax bracket. In addition, your salary could price you out of the market. Eventually at your next job, your salary could definitely outweigh your skill set and when you move jobs no one is going to pay you as much as you were earning before. Lastly, many people say that if they earned more they would be that much happier, but truthfully the time when you will be happier will be when you don’t care anymore about how much you are earning. So the next time you don’t think you earn enough sit back and enjoy the life you currently lead, it’s not so bad after all.