Thanks to here are some really helpful tips when it comes to your HR!

30% of all business failures are linked to bad hiring. A speedy hiring and firing process can lead to a lot of bad situations. Remember your employees are the heartbeat of your company.

  • Ignoring government regulations 

Small businesses with an average of 20 employees or less, pay more per employee keeping in order to keep up with government regulations, than businesses with 500+. It is important to keep up with these ever changing regulations rather than pay thousands in fines.

  • Not having an employee handbook

  Without company policies, problems are more likely to arise. All employees should be aware of the company policies to avoid disasters and possible litigation issues.

  • Overlooking the importance of training  

When a company invests in employee training, continuing education, and advancing their employees skills, a company’s bottom line is bound to increase. Overlooking this could actually be a detriment to a company and their potential for success.

  • Failing to reward employees

 In order to retain employees and cut down on costs and increase your bottom line, it is important to reward your employees with more than just a verbal compliment. This will boost the overall morale and in return increase productivity.

  • PEO’s can prevent mistakes

Today more and more companies are turning to PEO’s to avoid these mistakes. Since professional employer organizations specialize in stuff like this they can help you with hassles that you don’t want to deal with. Save money and time!