Regarding your injured workers…here are some things you might not know…

What happens if an injury is not reported immediately?

      1. It raises significant questions in claim administrators’ minds as to the legitimacy of a workers comp claim.
      2. It deters CBR’s ability to help the injured employee to the most beneficial degree.
      3. The claim is far more likely to be litigated, thus increasing the cost of the claim dramatically.

Injuries should be reported immediately to CBR, even if it doesn’t appear medical treatment is necessary.  If medical treatment is not required, the claim will not be reported to ICA.

May an injured worker return to work if the doctor has not released him?
It is probably not in the employee’s or the company’s best interest.  However, contact CBR’s Injury Counselor (602-200-8500 x2045) to discuss the details and determine the best course of action.

What happens if an injured worker is assigned modified duty and refuses?
Contact CBR’s Injury Counselor (602-200-8500 x2045) immediately.  A bona fide job offer will be sent via certified mail to the employee.  Failure to comply will render the employee ineligible for compensation of lost wages.  (Delay in notifying CBR of an employee’s non-compliance could result in significant negative consequences to your company’s workers comp rates.)

What happens if an injured worker is assigned modified duty and the employer does not accommodate?
The employer risks a significant increase in workers comp rates over the next 4 years.  Be sure to read “Workers Comp Class Codes, Policies and Rates” FAQ’s below.

May I terminate an employee who is injured on the job?
It is not in the employer’s best interest to terminate a worker with an open workers comp claim.  Once the employee is terminated, the employer has no control over whether or not the worker returns to work, thus the worker may conceivably sit home collecting compensation indefinitely (causing workers comp rates to sky rocket).  As the employer at the time of the incident, you are liable for compensation of lost wages until the worker is released to full duty or begins working again.