“I want to congratulate all of the employers that have made a commitment to creating healthy worksites,” Dr. Christ said. “When employers implement programs to create healthier places to work, they are developing a more engaged workforce and contributing to the overall health of our communities.” – Dr. Christ Minnick

About HAWP: “We are not a wellness vendor or employee health insurance provider. As the state’s most-trusted resource for building evidenced based healthy workplaces, we strive to improve the health and well-being of all Arizona workers by offering employers and employee wellness professionals evidenced-based training, tools, and step-by-step resources employers can use to tailor a workplace health program to their unique workplace needs.”

To learn more about Healthy Arizona Worksites Program visit: https://healthyazworksites.org

CBR, providing PEO and ASO services is committed to the health and wellness for the CBR team, our clients, and their employees. To learn more about CBR and our Employee Wellness program contact us by clicking here or call 602-200-8500!

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