From talent management to HR compliance, CBR’s HR Outsourcing services can help you reduce costs, boost results, and free up time to focus on the core, profit-producing activities that move your organization forward.




CBR’s HR outsourcing services can help you reduce costs, boost results, and free up time to focus on the core, profit-producing activities that move your organization forward.

HR Resources & HR Outsourcing

CBR’s complete suite HR Outsourcing Services help reduce costs and free up time for managers in all types of businesses.

Leverage our Buying Power

By partnering with CBR to handle your payroll and human resources management, you can leverage the streamlined efficiencies and buying power of our large organization, creating significant savings in both time and costs. See more about Why Outsource HR?

Customized HR Services

CBR can develop customized HR outsourcing services for you based on the specific needs of your business, allowing you the freedom to focus on growing your business every day.

Where our Human Resources Services Start

The Human Resources function starts with the application for employment and continues through all the subsequent paperwork to include employee termination and exit interview. The PEO concept allows us to manage these tasks with minimal disruption to you and your management team. You can be as hands on as you want to be while delegating routine tasks to our trained staff. We handle all of your HR compliance and ensure compliance with all relevant employment law.

Our HR Scope of services include:

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Free up time for profit producing activities by outsourcing your payroll services

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Offer employees best-in-class 401(k) plans tailored to suit your employee needs

Employee Benefits - Two hands shaking

Employee Benefits

Attract and retain top talent with affordable health care plans from branded carriers

Workers Compensation - briefcase

Workers’ Compensation

Reduce costs through safety training, claims management and a quality workers’ compensation program

Immigration Compliance - Pen and Paper

Immigration Compliance

Avoid hefty penalties by ensuring compliance with state and federal immigration laws

Time and Attendance Solutions - Stopwatch with dollar sign

Time and Attendance Solutions

Boost workforce productivity and avoid overpaying wages with our precise time-tracking solutions

Human Capital and Talent Management - icon of a person in a suit

Human Capital and Talent Management

Maximize each employee’s potential with our customizable HR training services

Retirement Strategies - 401(k) - magnifying glass w/ dollar sign

Recruitment Strategies

Maximize your company’s “Return on Employee” with improved recruitment strategies

Immigration and Government Compliance

Companies must maintain compliance with all employment laws and regulations including ADA, HIPAA, EEOC, OSHA, COBRA, DES, and ERISA. CBR will keep you current on all recent developments and make recommendations where appropriate, including compliance with approved hiring practices and E-Verify administration. Although you are responsible for the employees you hire, CBR will make sure that all of the immigration compliance paperwork is properly completed within the prescribed time frames.


CBR will assist you in writing ads, posting them online, and strategizing on recruiting opportunities for your company. For a small fee, CBR can review resumes for specific parameters or offer full recruiting services to fill open positions.

Drug/Background Screening

CBR can help you design a customized program for Drug and Background screening. You select a pre-employment package, and CBR will handle all documents and administration. CBR also assists you in conducting random drug testing utilizing an electronic employee draw and working with the labs to receive and process test results. CBR will do individual assessments for those individuals who carry medical marijuana cards to make sure their position is not safety sensitive. We will also provide individual assessments for new hires whose background reports have “hits”.

Employee Onboarding

All of your new employees can register and access their personal information online. This paperless system will save you time and the effort of making sure all forms are completed correctly. This provides the most accurate and efficient onboarding process. CBR monitors the onboarding process, provides eligible new hires with all benefit-related information and assists with any questions.

Employee Handbook

The human resources specialists at CBR will help you update or draft an employee handbook that has been customized for your company. Having a well-composed handbook is part of a proactive approach to managing your employees. In addition to keeping you in compliance with employment laws, a professional employee handbook will help to protect your company in the event of employee disputes or claims.
CBR can provide training to help employees understand your company policies.

HR Services for Managers

CBR’s staff is certified, trained and educated to handle issues relating to HR strategies, policies, discipline, compliance and planning. HR professionals at CBR will assist you in developing job performance standards and performance review procedures. Unique HR needs arise regularly and CBR is available to consult or take the lead when appropriate.
CBR offers a wide array of training materials to help managers and can assist in areas such as:

  • Developing an effective performance appraisal system
  • How to handle grievances
  • Employee counseling
  • Performing internal investigations
  • Assisting with the preparation of severance packages and employee terminations
  • How to deal with workplace discrimination

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

CBR has a user-friendly information technology platform designed specifically for companies who outsource HR. CBR’s clients enjoy streamlined access and the ability to submit data 24/7. Using an encrypted connection, clients have access to the following information:

  • Employee data
  • Custom reporting
  • Timesheet submittal
  • Invoice reprinting
  • Payroll data
  • Training history
  • PTO tracking
  • HR forms and  templates

Employee Access

Our technology platform allows employees to access any of the following:

  • Paystubs
  • Pay history
  • Training history
  • Tax status
  • Benefits information
  • PTO balances
  • Sick leave balances
  • Learning and development modules

Access to the system is user-specific and assigned during new client implementation. While the lists above include the most popular functionalities of the system, a full list of features can be showcased in a live demo. Our system is in use by companies across the country and is time-tested.

Your HR Duties: Before and After

Compare Your HR duties now with what they would be once you start working CBR. You will maintain  control while saving time, reducing costs and improving focus, and these are just some of the benefits you’ll find when you outsource HR functions.

Additional HR Services

Workforce Performance Improvement

Improve your competitive positioning by creating and providing on-the-job training content for all of your employees. By standardizing your training and assessment programs, CBR enables you to establish, deliver, and deploy training information throughout your company and maintain company standards in credentialing and certifications.

Our Workforce Performance Improvement tool helps you identify employee goals, set standards, and prioritize learning as a major company objective. With our methodology you can predict competency gaps and other shortcomings, and isolate and address them through tailored learning content, thus enabling individuals and employees to adjust and improve their performance.

This focused on-the-job training gives your staff specific tools to help them strive be their best self at work.

  • Our Workforce Performance Improvement tool lets you manage the performance review process by scheduling reviews and reminding managers if reviews are needed.

  • We also offer clients the ability to conduct 360-degree performance reviews, thus allowing other employees to contribute valuable insight to the performance evaluation process.

With data summarized in easily readable reports that allow management to look for weak spots across the entire organization, focus attention on stellar achievers who can be modeled, and identify employees who need improvement, this information has proven to be invaluable in tracking, developing, and achieving performance improvement goals.

Our Workforce Performance Improvement tool also allows you to track changes in performance, either positively or negatively, over time. This trend analysis will help you anticipate problems before they become more serious.

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