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Reduce Costs and Free Up Time by Outsourcing HR

All businesses face employee challenges daily, and that’s why CBR exists… to relieve you from carrying the burden alone.

You Don’t Have to Manage 10 Vendor Relationships 



For years, the Traditional Business Model has demanded that you maintain multiple relationships with multiple vendors, just for the employment side of things (this doesn’t include your other vendors like printers, web hosts, etc!).

The payroll company runs the payrolls, a health insurance broker sells them the healthcare and dental plans, a financial planner handles the 401K plan, their CPA pays the taxes, their P&C broker develops the workers comp plan, an outside safety consultant helps with a Safety Manual, and someone internally tries to keep them compliant with government requirements (sometimes missing things). This worked and still does work today for many businesses. However, when analyzing the work flow, it’s clear that there’s a better way to do business.

Why HR Outsourcing is More Attractive



This is where the HR Outsourcing Company Model becomes so attractive. CBR is what is known as a PEO, which stands for Professional Employer Organization. As your HR Services company, CBR will conduct the administrative tasks (which, let’s face it, can be a huge chore) necessary to carry out the HR functions and keep you in compliance with benefit vendors, government agencies, the Industrial Commission, and all other employee-related entities. Since some tasks just can’t be outsourced, you will need to continue directing and controlling your workforce hours, pay rates, and employee benefits.

#1) Transfer Your Risk

With all the new regulations and procedures that come with government health care reform, fiduciary funds risk rulings (i.e. 401K audits) and the unforgiving deadlines for filing payroll taxes, you can remove these risks simply by outsourcing the related HR functions.

#2) Aggregate HR Functions

Aggregate HR Functions into one accountable person who has the expertise to get it right the first time. You will pay less for better work, eliminate time and labor expenses, transfer risk to us and reduce costs associated with not getting HR functions right the first time.

#3) Leverage Our Buying Power

Leverage Our Buying Power for health benefits coverage, workers’ compensation and other fixed costs and services, which provides you with lower rates and higher quality coverage than individual companies can find on their own.

Your HR Duties: Before and After 

Compare Your HR Duties before and after working with an HR Outsourcing Company like CBR. Gaining control, saving time, reducing costs, improving focus are just some of the benefits you’ll find when you outsource HR functions. View this graph to better understand what our responsibilities are versus what yours are.

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