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Payroll Time Clock and Attendance

Time and Attendance Solutions

Do you know how much time your employees actually spend working?

Common time and attendance problems like tardiness and absenteeism can infiltrate the workplace, resulting in diminished productivity and overpaid wages. Over time, such problems can create a significant dent in a company’s bottom line. HR managers often expend a great deal of energy attempting to monitor these tough-to-track issues, leading to additional wasted time.

CBR Offers a Simpler Solution

Our versatile time-tracking system provides accurate insight into how your organization could improve productivity and save money.

  • Time clock solutions designed to simplify payroll preparation
  •  Paycheck calculators for both salaried and hourly employees
  • A web-based platform that facilitates easy access regardless of the user’s location
  • Enhanced tracking of Paid Time Off
Paycheck Calculator and Payroll Management

Reduce the risk of overpaying your employees and begin reaping the benefits of a more efficient workforce — contact CBR for a demo of our time-tracking system!

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