From talent management to HR compliance, CBR’s HR Outsourcing services can help you reduce costs, boost results, and free up time to focus on the core, profit-producing activities that move your organization forward.




Your time and focus are better spent on what you do best: running your business and making a profit. With Creative Business Resources’ Human Resource Management, we can handle all of your HR management, from recruiting to compliance, while reducing costs and increasing the time you and your team can spend on other tasks. Our team of professionals can customize a program to include the services that you need so that you can better manage your business.

Human Resources and HR Outsourcing

Not only will outsourcing your HR services reduce your cost in the long run, but it will also free up the time your managers spend on HR functions to focus on the job they should be doing. With constant laws changes, staying current and in compliance with regulations is often impossible. Outsourcing your HR functions could solve these issues and more.

Leverage Our Buying Power

Many small to medium businesses face problems recruiting and retaining qualified talent because they cannot offer the same benefits that larger companies can offer. By leveraging our buying power, you can see some of the same savings larger companies see. In addition, because we handle human resources for many companies, we are more efficient in handling the services you need.

Customized HR Services

Not all companies have the same needs. That is why Creative Business Resources can customize a portfolio of services designed just for your business. Whatever you need, from benefits packages to payroll administration, let us design a plan that helps you save time and money with a team of professionals that truly care about you and your business.

Where Our Human Resources Services Start

From the employment application to the exit interview, we can manage tasks with minimal disruption to you and your staff. As a professional employer organization (PEO), we have the resources and expertise to manage your human resource functions at your chosen level. Some of the services we offer are outlined below.

Our HR Scope of services include:

Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Free up time for profit producing activities by outsourcing your payroll services

Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Offer employees best-in-class 401(k) plans tailored to suit your employee needs

Employee Benefits - Two hands shaking

Employee Benefits

Attract and retain top talent with affordable health care plans from branded carriers

Workers Compensation - briefcase

Workers’ Compensation

Reduce costs through safety training, claims management and a quality workers’ compensation program

Immigration Compliance - Pen and Paper

Immigration Compliance

Avoid hefty penalties by ensuring compliance with state and federal immigration laws

Time and Attendance Solutions - Stopwatch with dollar sign

Time and Attendance Solutions

Boost workforce productivity and avoid overpaying wages with our precise time-tracking solutions

Human Capital and Talent Management - icon of a person in a suit

Human Capital and Talent Management

Maximize each employee’s potential with our customizable HR training services

Retirement Strategies - 401(k) - magnifying glass w/ dollar sign

Recruitment Strategies

Maximize your company’s “Return on Employee” with improved recruitment strategies

Immigration and Government Compliance

Businesses must maintain records and comply with employment laws and regulations, including ADA, EEOC, HIPAA, OSHA, DES, and ERISA. Creative Business Resources works with you and your team to keep you informed of changes in laws, compliance requirements, and hiring practices. We can help you with immigration compliance paperwork and E-Verify administration.


If you need help writing ads or posting them online, Creative Business Resources can help with that, too. We will work with you on strategies for the most effective recruiting opportunities and can even review resumes for a nominal fee.

Drug and Background Screening

Creative Business Resources can handle pre-employment drug testing and background checks in a customized program for your business. Need random drug testing? Creative Business Resources can help design the program and work with the labs to receive and process the test results. We can verify medical marijuana cards and assess background check “hits” on prospective new hires.

Employee Onboarding

New employees will have access to their personal information through a paperless, online system, saving you time. Appreciate a more accurate and efficient system instead of handling mounds of paperwork. Through this system, Creative Business Resources can also provide benefits information and assist with any questions new or current employees may have. 

 Employee Handbook

Every business, even small businesses, needs an employee handbook. The handbook is a resource for employees and offers your business protection by stating policies clearly. If you already have a handbook or want to prepare one, Creative Business Resources can help with updates or drafting a new one. We can also provide any necessary training.

HR Services for Managers

 From developing performance standards to dealing with discrimination, Creative Business Resources’ staff offers training and education to your managers and supervisors so that they can handle any HR issues, such as compliance with laws and regulations, policies, disciplinary procedures, and planning. Our professionals are trained and certified to instruct or consult whenever appropriate. We also offer materials to assist in training to cover many HR functions, such as:

  • How to develop and use an effective performance appraisal system
  • Dealing with discrimination
  • Handling grievances
  • Counseling employees
  • Doing an internal investigation
  • Employee termination, exit interviews, and severance packages

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

 We designed a human resource information system with SMBs in mind. Our user-friendly system gives our clients easy 24/7 access to an encrypted connection, keeping your information safe. On our platform, users have access to the following:

  • Employee data
  • Custom reporting
  • Timesheet submittal
  • Invoice reprinting
  • Payroll data
  • Training history
  • PTO tracking
  • HR forms and templates

Workforce Performance Improvement

Creative Business Resources offers you opportunities to improve your workplace performance in several ways:

  • We can help you create, deliver and deploy on-the-job training content and maintain company standards in certifications. 
  • We can give you the tools to help you identify employee goals and set the standards as a company objective.
  • Our services remind managers when performance reviews are needed and even schedule them for you.
  • Summarized data allows you and your team to improve in areas where employees are weaker and focus your attention on those who excel by tracking performance, changes, and other trends in employee performance.

Professional Outsourced HR Solutions for Tucson Businesses

At Creative Business Resources, we want your small or medium Tucson business to experience the success you have dreamed of. We can help by offering you savings in time and money by providing professional outsourced HR solutions for your business. We can customize a program that lets you determine the amount of involvement you want and the services you need. Contact us today to find out more.

  • Our Workforce Performance Improvement tool lets you manage the performance review process by scheduling reviews and reminding managers if reviews are needed.

  • We also offer clients the ability to conduct 360-degree performance reviews, thus allowing other employees to contribute valuable insight to the performance evaluation process.

With data summarized in easily readable reports that allow management to look for weak spots across the entire organization, focus attention on stellar achievers who can be modeled, and identify employees who need improvement, this information has proven to be invaluable in tracking, developing, and achieving performance improvement goals.

Our Workforce Performance Improvement tool also allows you to track changes in performance, either positively or negatively, over time. This trend analysis will help you anticipate problems before they become more serious.

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