Social Security Administration Resumes Issuance of “No-Match” Letters

The Social Security Administration recently resumed issuance of Employer Correction Requests, formerly known as social security “no-match” letters. These SSA Employer Correction Requests are likely another effort of the federal government to crack-down on unauthorized workers in the United States.  The Employer Correction Requests alert employers of mismatches between submitted W-2 form information and SSA [...]

New California Law Requires Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for all Employees

Since 2005, California’s Assembly Bill 1825 had required employers with 50 or more employees to train and educate their supervisory employees in the prevention of sexual harassment.  The #MeToo movement has renewed the attention on sexual harassment in the workplace.  As part of the 2018 legislature, Governor Brown signed Senate Bill 1343 into law which [...]

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