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Outsourcing Your HR Functions Can Help Grow Your Tucson Business

Attracting and retaining qualified employees is sometimes more difficult for small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) because they cannot offer the same benefits as larger companies. Upgrading your benefits package can be cost-prohibitive, and you may lack the staff to manage it. For these reasons, among many others, small and medium businesses are turning to PEOs for help. Creative Business Resources can help you by providing your Tucson business with platforms that allow you to leverage our buying power to save time and money.

What is a PEO?

PEO is the acronym for Professional Employer Organization. Professional Employer Organizations are more than just outsourcing your HR functions. They work as partners, allowing you to outsource your benefits packages while taking advantage of their knowledge and buying power to lower costs and remain in compliance with laws and regulations. Because a PEO works with several small companies, they can combine the buying power to provide better benefits at lower costs. They help you attract employees and keep them, reduce your costs, and allow you to focus on running your business.

Creative Business Resources provides customer-centered HR services by supporting your staff and working to create a team environment. In addition to attracting and retaining qualified employees, Creative Business Resources offers knowledgeable human resource professionals without needing additional staff.

PEO Services for Tucson SMBs

Creative Business Resources provides HR services for your SMB in the Tucson area, including human resources, workers’ compensation, payroll administration, and employee benefit packages. We can help you reduce costs, strengthen your benefits, and allow you the time to grow your business.

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Human Resources Services

Regardless of your business, Creative Business Resources HR outsourcing can help reduce your costs and give you more time to focus on your business. By leveraging our buying power, you can offer better benefits at lower prices, streamline efficiencies, and remain in compliance with state and federal laws. Beginning with employment applications and ending with an exit interview, Creative Business Resources is there to minimize disruption to you and the rest of your team throughout the employment process.

Employment laws are always changing. Creative Business Resources can help you maintain compliance with all these laws and regulations and ensure that all of the immigration compliance paperwork is complete within the required time frames. From running ads to reviewing resumes, Creative Business Resources can assist in recruiting, pre-employment screening, and employee onboarding.

Creative Business Resources can also help you update or create an employee handbook to keep you protected from claims or disputes and keep your employees informed about policies and procedures. If you or your management team needs help in developing job performance standards and performance reviews, Creative Business Resources can help with training or can take the lead if needed. We can train your managers on effective ways to handle grievances and discrimination and even train you on how to counsel your employees.

Payroll Administration Services

Creative Business Resources offers Tucson SMBs help with payroll and related functions by assigning a designated payroll specialist to your business. We can set up direct deposits into a designated bank account or a prepaid cash card. In addition to handling all the payroll, deductions, garnishments, and levies, we also offer complete job costing reports and departmental reporting. We will track PTO, vacation, and sick pay and process your quarterly tax returns. If necessary, we can manually cut checks within a 24-hour window, keeping you updated with online time-tracking.

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Workers’ Compensation Services

Because we are a premier PEO, Creative Business Resources can partner with workers’ compensation carriers that provide quality programs at affordable premiums. We work in conjunction with claim administrators to contain the costs while giving the injured employee appropriate care. We offer safety and claims management training so that you continue seeing your workers’ compensation costs decrease.

Employee Benefits Services

You know that today’s job market is competitive. Employers offering competitive pay and benefits packages can attract qualified applicants more easily. By offering a quality benefits package with a competitive price, not only can you effectively recruit, you will be able to boost morale and retain more top employees. Our comprehensive plans contain health insurance, 401k, life insurance, and dental and vision coverage. Other options are available so your plan can be customized to fit your employees’ needs. We will also educate your employees so they can take full advantage of the services that are offered.

About Creative Business Resources

Creative Business Resources has been around since 1998. We founded our company with the belief that small businesses should have the same access to affordable quality HR services as those afforded to large companies. Our mission is to be the leading provider of customized outsourced human resources, risk management, and payroll services to SMBs throughout the Southwest, including the Tucson area. We help by leveraging our buying power for benefits, providing HR professionals to help manage a crucial element in your business, and helping you reduce costs while managing your business more effectively.

Professional Outsourced HR Solutions for Tucson Businesses

At Creative Business Resources, we offer comprehensive, customizable packages that help you outsource many of your Human Resource functions, saving you money and time while letting you focus on running and growing your business. Contact us today to discuss the ways that Creative Business Resources can help you!

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