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Workers Compensation Los Angeles

By helping with employee safety training, development of specific injury protocols, aggressive claim management, and more, CBR offers Workers’ Comp and Risk Management solutions that will help your organization cut costs and improve workplace safety.

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Workers’ Compensation & Risk Management Solutions

Have you found that most carriers are pretty much the same when quoting your workers’ compensation policy? Although discounts can vary, it’s our experience that real savings comes when claims are expertly managed, and safety plans are implemented to prevent them in the first place.

CBR partners with workers’ comp carriers that provide quality programs at affordable costs. In addition, we offer in-house claim services that enable us to work hand-in-hand with the carrier’s claim administrators to contain the costs of claims and ensure that injured workers receive appropriate treatment. CBR’s clients routinely enjoy declining loss ratios, EMODs, and premium costs.

From the beginning, CBR has focused on quality workers’ comp programs, worker safety, and aggressive claim management for our clients. That’s why risk-sensitive clients choose to partner with our team for safety and risk management.

It is just nice to know someone else is out there researching my workers comp options and expertly handling claims when an injury occurs. I don’t always have time to follow up like I should and CBR’s Risk Management team has my back!
Mirasol , Development
Being a small business owner, it’s nice to have a panel of experts that make my life easier and one of these panels I call upon whenever needed is Creative Business Resources. Having professionals to guide me through labor laws, employment questions that are ever coming up with all the changes in the labor laws this year, this service is invaluable. After a recent worker’s comp incident that I would have never predicted to go the route it did, I can tell you I slept at night due to the professionals at CBR. Sometimes partnering with professionals are more than worth it for your quality of life as a business owner. CBR is one of my partners!
Business Owner, CBR Client

Services included in the CBR Workers’ Comp arrangement:

  • Evaluation to select the best workers’ comp solution available
  • Injury Hotline
  • Constant EMOD monitoring for accuracy
  • Aggressive in-house claim management
  • Specific injury protocols, taking the guesswork out when an injury occurs
  • OSHA compliance programs and inspections to maintain OSHA guidelines
  • Drug-free workplace programs
  • Administration of Back-to-Work programs for injured workers
  • Continuous review of current government regulations
  • Injury prevention programs
  • Customizable Safety Manuals
  • Emergency workplace planning and procedures
  • Accident investigations
  • Prompt issuance of workers’ compensation certificates

Services included in the CBR Workers’ Comp arrangement:

We offer competitive rates.

1. Changes, endorsements, constant review for accuracy
2. Verification of EMOD accuracy
3. Class code verifications
4. Audits
5. Prompt certificates of insurance
1. Written policies/procedures, customizable to your operations
2. Complimentary on-site risk analysis
3. Assistance in implementing and maintaining comprehensive safety programs
4. Assistance with OSHA inspections
5. Critical incident investigations, as needed
1. Full-time Injury Counselor to assist injured workers and their employers
2. 4-point contact with injured worker, worker’s supervisor, physician, and carrier’s claim administrator
3. CBR Injury Hotline
4. Submission of all required reports of injury to carriers and Industrial Commission
5. Thorough claim tracking
6. Oversight of RTW programs
7. Quick claim closure
8. Accurate tracking of loss data

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