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Save Money and Boost Profits with Utah HR Outsourcing

Are your employees spending large amounts of time and resources on non-profit producing tasks? These tasks—which include payroll, employee recruitment and verification, and other HR and administrative functions—can result in lost productivity and excess costs, ultimately harming your bottom line. Utah HR outsourcing can help.

How Can You Save Money with Utah HR Outsourcing?

When you allow a Utah HR outsourcing company like Creative Business Resources (CBR) to handle your non-profit producing tasks, your employees have more time and energy to devote to their core job duties that move the company forward. CBR can complete these tasks more accurately, efficiently, and economically.

Utah Payroll Services

Payroll is one of the most time-consuming functions that an organization must complete. Payroll managers do much more than distribute checks—they also handle numerous duties that help the organization avoid penalties and ensure that employees receive the wages and benefits to which they are entitled.

Over half of all companies in Utah pay tax penalties averaging over $1,000 each year due to late or inaccurate filing. By outsourcing payroll to CBR, your organization eliminates the risk of penalties. Utah payroll services from CBR encompass the following important tasks:

  • Accurate employee timekeeping and tracking of sick leave, vacation, and PTO
  • Collecting and filing payroll taxes
  • Creating, issuing, and ensuring the accuracy of W2 and W4 forms
  • Staying current on health benefits and shared costs, retirement accounts, and other deductions
  • Managing direct deposit arrangements for different banking institutions
  • Promptly issuing payroll checks or stubs
  • And more!

At CBR, we have the expertise needed to ensure that your payroll processing is timely and free of errors so that the risk of harming your bottom line disappears. In addition, your employees are free to devote the time they spend on preparing payroll every two weeks to profit-generating activities.

Employee Recruitment and Verification 

When hiring new employees, it is crucial for organizations to verify that each candidate is legally entitled to work in Utah and possesses the right skills, experience, and cultural fit to help him or her excel in the position.

Federal law requires all U.S. employers to follow business immigration law , which includes I-9 filing and management of the E-Verify program. The State of Utah has hefty penalties for failure to comply with these requirements and knowingly hiring undocumented workers.

By entrusting employee verification to a Utah HR outsourcing company like CBR, you can bring eligible candidates on board quicker, at less cost, and with the assurance that the process is completed thoroughly and accurately. We are experienced at complying with various state and local laws and will save you valuable time in screening candidates.

Outsourcing Other HR and Administrative Functions

As a Utah PEO (Professional Employer Organization), CBR offers a full spectrum of services to help your organization cut costs while improving accuracy and efficiency. For instance, we can:

  • Create and implement employee policies, including handbooks
  • Provide HR training for managers
  • Improve workplace safety and reduce workers’ compensation costs
  • Use our large group buying power to offer you access to high-quality health insurance at affordable rates
  • Administer employee benefits
  • Provide reliable employee time-tracking software
  • Manage a 401K audit program
  • And many other HR services

Let CBR serve as your external HR department and enjoy the benefits of experienced HR professionals handling your time-consuming HR and administrative functions. Contact us today for more information on how we can reduce your overhead and improve your profits!

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