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Improve Payroll Preparation with Phoenix Timekeeping Solutions

An employee earning $12 per hour with an average of 20 minutes each day of untracked breaks, extended lunches, etc., yields $1,040 per year in overpaid wages.

Are you looking for an easy, cost-effective way to track employee time and attendance? Would you like to experience the benefits of increased productivity within your organization, while conveniently monitoring time off requests and approvals electronically?

If so, CBR’s Web Clock offers the Phoenix timekeeping solution you need!

With a minimal investment of time and money, your organization could enjoy enhanced productivity and cost savings as a result of more accurate payroll information. CBR’s system is one of the most versatile time-tracking products available online today. As a secure, web-based platform, the Web Clock is available to users regardless of location—making it an excellent choice for organizations that employ remote workers, such as construction companies.

Through our online portal, both employees and managers have access to HR and payroll functions. Managers can access existing payroll reports and invoices, create their own reports, and review training and licensing information. Employees can change personal data and view payroll history, including pay stubs.

Contact CBR today for more information or to request an online demo! Be sure to ask about our numerous timekeeping solutions, customized reports, paycheck calculators, and more!

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