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Los Angeles HR Services Can Help You Stabilize Monthly Expenses

Have you ever wished for greater stability in your business expenses from month to month? Los Angeles HR Services from Creative Business Resources (CBR) may be the solution you need!

Most businesses face frequent spikes in costs associated with taxes, employee benefits, hiring efforts, and more. These spikes can threaten an organization’s bottom line and make planning an accurate budget difficult.

By partnering with a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing provider like CBR, you can stabilize month-to-month expenses. Here are a few ways that outsourcing HR functions to CBR will enable you to even out expenses while saving money and improving accuracy and efficiency:

  • Avoid costly penalties on payroll taxes. Between employee turnover and ever-changing tax and minimum wage rates, many organizations struggle to complete the non-profit producing activity of payroll preparation in a timely and error-free manner. With CBR’s Los Angeles payroll services, our team of payroll experts will promptly and accurately handle every aspect of the payroll preparation process, from filing federal and state tax payments to assisting with audits. CBR will save your business time and money while reducing your risk of fines.
  • Protect your organization and your employees with affordable workers compensation and health insurance plans. Due to CBR’s large group buying power and ability to negotiate better coverage at better rates, we can provide you with access to high-quality plans from branded carriers—at stable, affordable costs. In addition to saving you money, offering employee benefits like health insurance will help you recruit and retain top talent.
  • Prevent workplace accidents and reduce workers comp costs. When an employee is injured at work, the employer often incurs crushing costs, including medical expenses and lost productivity as the employee recovers. CBR’s risk management solutions focus on preventing accidents in the first place and, when injuries do occur, aggressively managing claims and administering return-to-work programs. We also provide safety audits, ensure compliance with OSHA and other laws, and offer numerous other services to keep your employees safe and your workers’ comp costs low.

These are just a few examples of ways that outsourcing HR functions to CBR can help your organization stabilize costs and save money. We offer many other HR services, including:

  • Employee recruitment
  • Web-based timekeeping
  • Human capital management/talent management
  • Administration of employee retirement plans
  • And more!

The Los Angeles HR professionals at CBR will work with you to design the HR outsourcing solution that is best for your organization. Contact us today to request a proposal or speak with an HR consultant!

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