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HR Outsourcing Los Angeles

Improve Your Bottom Line By Working with a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing Company

What is a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing company?

HR Outsourcing companies help organizations—typically small and medium-sized businesses with 200 or fewer employees—manage their HR functions in an efficient, accurate, and cost-effective way. These companies offer a variety of HR Outsourcing services, including employee benefits administration, HR compliance, workers’ compensation and risk management, recruitment services, talent management, and payroll.

Wondering if a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing company might be a good partner for your business? Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about outsourcing HR:

Is it cost-effective for a Los Angeles business to hire a third party for tasks that its employees could perform?

In Los Angeles, working with an HR Outsourcing company makes even more sense than it does in other places due to the city’s higher-than-average cost of living and doing business. As an employer in LA, therefore, the value of your time is greater. Human Resources Administration inevitably grows along with your company’s size and worth. At some point, the only way to spend less on business expenses is to find a way to handle them more efficiently. Working with a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing provider like CBR is a sensible option for managing an ever-increasing HR burden.

Are the upfront costs of working with a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing company worthwhile?

The expenses associated with outsourcing HR are offset by several factors, such as:

  • Employees are free to focus on their core job duties that move the organization forward, rather than non-profit producing administrative tasks.
  • Since companies like CBR specialize in HR functions, we are able to complete them more efficiently and with a minimized risk of costly penalties due to inaccuracies. This is particularly important as the regulatory burden on employers continues to increase.
  • HR Outsourcing companies can exercise greater bargaining power in finding the best prices and coverage for group insurance benefits—enabling your organization to save money while offering employees high-quality benefits.
  • HR Outsourcing companies can help employers reduce the costs of workers’ compensation insurance by creating safer workplaces and aggressively managing claims.
  • HR experts can assist with hiring, developing, and retaining top talent, enabling organizations to build workforces that drive their success.

Couldn’t a company have its staff perform administrative tasks part-time?

Yes—but from a business standpoint, it is more sensible to spend valuable resources on the tasks that increase market share and profitability. In addition, part-time attention will simply not be enough over time. With a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing company like CBR, each task is completed by an HR professional who specializes in that task, enabling them to perform it more quickly and accurately. For example, employee benefits administration is handled by benefits specialists who are adept at finding the best prices on group insurance, administering plans, and answering your employees’ questions. This expertise can help your organization save money while offering employees attractive benefits packages.

What should employers do if they think working with a Los Angeles HR Outsourcing company may be right for their organizations?

If you believe that your organization would benefit from the improved accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness that outsourcing HR functions to CBR offers, send us a message (https://cbri.com/contact/) or call us toll-free at (888) 700-8512. One of our HR professionals will help you examine the options available to your organization and identify opportunities for cost savings.

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