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HR Outsourcing Las Vegas

What Can a Las Vegas HR Outsourcing Provider Do For Your Organization?

Increase Productivity and Profits

By streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency, organizations with strong HR practices experience increased productivity and, hence, greater profitability. A Las Vegas provider of HR Outsourcing services can expertly manage the unique issues that you face as an employer in Las Vegas.

Local Knowledge and Expertise

As a leading Las Vegas HR company, Creative Business Resources (CBR) is staffed with HR professionals experienced in identifying which practices will have the maximum benefit for your employees and organization. Unlike large national providers of HR Outsourcing, we offer local expertise and have in-depth knowledge of city and Nevada state laws, as well as societal trends, that may impact your workforce.

Administrative Relief

One of the primary benefits of HR Outsourcing is administrative relief for your organization, which leaves your employees free to pursue the tasks that drive profits. Here are a few examples of administrative duties that CBR can handle as a Las Vegas HR company:

  • Hiring and Terminating Employees. We will efficiently handle new hire paperwork and provide support with employee onboarding and terminations. This is particularly relevant for organizations that tend to experience high workforce turnover.
  • Employment Verification. The legal status of workers is a constant concern for many employers. CBR will help you verify that employees have proper documentation under state and federal immigration laws and ensure I-9 compliance.
  • Nevada Payroll Services. If you have tried to manage payroll processing by yourself, you know that it involves much more than just paying employees. It requires withholding the right amount of taxes, tax reporting and filing on a timely basis, handling benefits charges and garnishments, and ensuring the accuracy of a time and attendance system. CBR will take care of these tasks and more so that your organization’s payroll is completed promptly and accurately.

Employee Benefits Administration

Administering employee benefits is another huge area of responsibility that consumes a lot of time and attention. Employee healthcare costs can quickly spiral out of control, so employers must ensure that they’re getting the most value for their money with Nevada group health insurance benefits. Due to CBR’s large group buying power, we can help you offer your employees affordable medical, dental, and vision insurance, as well as flexible spending accounts. Benefits like these enable you to boost workforce success by attracting and retaining the best employees.

Maximize the Strength of Your Workforce

Offering competitive benefits is not the only way to build a successful workforce. Improving productivity and profits begins with hiring the right people, and CBR’s Recruitment Services can help you find the ideal person for each open position. We also provide assistance with the screening and interviewing processes—including pre-employment background checks and skills and drug testing—as well as onboarding new hires. Through our Human Capital and Talent Management Services, we can also help you manage workforce performance and create training materials that enable employees to fulfill their potential.

Find Out More About How to Save Time and Money for Your Organization

With services like benefits administration, recruiting, talent management, and more, CBR can be your

Creative Business Resources

provider. Our team of HR professionals can handle your organization’s administrative duties so your employees can focus on increasing profits. For more information about Las Vegas HR Outsourcing, call our toll-free number at (888) 700-8512 or contact us ( to speak with an HR consultant.

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