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Employee Benefits

Secure affordable rates on full benefits for your employees, including healthcare plans from large national carriers.

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Employee Benefits Packages

Want to attract and keep superstar employees?

When it comes to employee benefits, providing full corporate-style benefits could be the turning point when it comes to negotiating employment with a new or existing employee.

Leverage our Group Health Insurance Buying Power

The healthcare market is volatile, and maintaining affordable rates for a plan that your employees like can be a challenge. By becoming part of the CBR family and leveraging our large company buying power, you enjoy stable benefits costs without the price spikes that come every year. Our large group health insurance plans are with branded carriers such as SecureCare Dental, ECPA, and Unum Provident. While CBR does not promise to control your healthcare claims, being part of a group of thousands of individuals lends some degree of comfort.

Employee Benefits Nevada

With one source, you can offer a full employee benefits package including:

  • Medical Plans (PPOs & HSAs)
  • 401k
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Care
  • Life Insurance
  • Long and Short-Term Disability
  • Supplemental Plans (Cancer, Accident etc.)
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (Medical & Dependent Care)
  • Christmas and Vacation Clubs
  • College Savings (529 Plans)
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Long Term Care
  • Individual Coverage
  • Prescription Drug plans
  • and more…

Your Employee Benefits and HR Duties: Before and After

With comprehensive employee benefits services from CBR, your business can eliminate the need to manage multiple vendor relationships. By outsourcing virtually all of your HR duties to CBR, you will save time, reduce costs, and improve focus, while still retaining control over your workforce.

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