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Boost Business Profitability with California HR Services

Businesses in California face heftier expenses than those in many other parts of the country. In addition to a higher-than-average cost of living, California businesses spend money on compliance with HR and immigration laws, employee benefits, recruiting new employees, payroll taxes, and more.

California HR Services from Creative Business Resources (CBR) allow businesses to cut costs and devote more time and resources to profit-producing activities. Here are some benefits that CBR’s California HR Services can offer your business:

    • Customized HR administration—without having to manage an in-house HR department. As a California HR Services provider, CBR can take over your organization’s administrative workload and handle HR functions just as you would—while freeing time and resources for your people to focus on their core job duties of boosting profits for the organization. We estimate that companies can enjoy approximately 30% more management time and 60% less HR administrative time by working with a California HR Services outsourcing company!
    • Save time and improve accuracy. In addition to relieving employees of time-robbing administrative activities so that they can focus on profitable ones, an HR Services firm can almost always perform HR duties in less time, with less overhead, and with greater accuracy than in-house departments.
    • Minimize the risk of costly penalties. Many small businesses pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fines due to errors on employee paperwork. California HR Services companies like CBR minimize the risk of sustaining such needless losses because HR issues are their main areas of expertise—ensuring that your HR administrative burden will be managed in a timely and accurate manner.
    • Save money on employee benefits. Offering competitive benefits packages is an effective way to attract and retain top talent. California HR Services providers like CBR enjoy large group buying power, allowing them to offer employers high-quality benefits packages at affordable rates. CBR can help you design customized plans, shop for the best rates, and ensure that carriers are properly licensed—without you having to spend any of your management time researching. We can also relieve your staff of the burden of fielding the questions and concerns of employees and their dependents.
    • Stabilize cash flow. By working with a California HR Services provider like CBR, your HR management costs will become predictable. Expenses will be the same every month, and your cash flow will even out. Your company will not have the highs and lows of expenses during tax reporting time or times of increased hiring or layoffs.
    • Reliable legal compliance. State, federal, and local laws that impact employers are constantly changing. It can be difficult to keep up with these changes and the new requirements they impose while you are running a business. Fortunately, CBR’s team of HR experts stays current on regulatory issues and can help ensure that your organization is compliant—thus shielding you from the risk of fines, lawsuits, and legal sanctions.

Which tasks should a company outsource to a California HR Services provider? 

The following HR duties are among the most cost-effective for a company to outsource:

    • Employee benefits administration, including tax calculations
    • HR compliance
    • Employee record keeping
    • Risk management and workers’ compensation
    • Time and attendance tracking
    • Human capital management, including employee recruitment, training, and retention efforts
    • Payroll processing

Ready to begin freeing up time to grow your business while the HR experts at CBR ensure that your HR administration is handled accurately and efficiently?

Learn more about our California HR Services at or call our toll-free number at (888) 700-8512 to speak with an HR consultant!

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