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Improve Profitability with California HR Outsourcing

A California HR Outsourcing company like Creative Business Resources (CBR) can help businesses save money and boost results by delivering expertly managed HR Services. The many areas in which California HR Outsourcing can improve business outcomes include employee benefits administration, HR compliance, workers’ compensation and risk management, talent management, and payroll.

As HR becomes more and more regulated, hiring and managing employees has grown increasingly time-consuming and risky. A significant amount of a growing company’s resources is devoted to a heightened HR burden, which detracts from time spent on increasing profits. By alleviating this burden, a California HR Outsourcing company frees time and energy for an organization’s employees to focus on their most important job duties.

One particular task that may threaten an organization’s bottom line is employee benefits administration. With recent laws like the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandating that certain businesses provide employees with health insurance, employee benefits have grown complex and expensive. Fortunately, outsourcing this function to a California HR company like CBR offers several advantages, including:

Advantage #1: Higher quality benefits

Many small and mid-sized businesses would like to offer their employees corporate-style benefits, but the cost of packages from leading carriers is too high. CBR has relationships with several branded carriers and can enable your organization to provide a variety of employee benefits, such as medical/dental/vision insurance, retirement plans, disability and life insurance, and flexible spending accounts.

Advantage #2: Reduced expenses without price spikes

The costs of employee benefits—particularly health insurance—are constantly changing, and may rise drastically from year to year. As a California HR Outsourcing company, CBR has large group buying power that enables us to access more affordable rates without the annual spikes. Organizations that work with CBR can leverage this power, leading to cost savings and greater cash flow predictability.

Advantage #3: Increased ability to attract and retain top talent

As healthcare costs rise, employees are increasingly considering health insurance to be a non-negotiable benefit when they are searching for a new job. Therefore, employers that offer healthcare coverage and other benefits have an edge in the “talent wars.” Outsourcing employee benefits administration to a California HR company like CBR can give your organization the bargaining power it needs to attract and retain highly qualified individuals who will drive workforce success.

Advantage #4: Minimized administrative burden

Offering employee benefits and complying with laws like the ACA generate a significant amount of paperwork that must be completed promptly and accurately. By handling all aspects of an organization’s employee benefits administration, CBR assumes this burden, freeing up time for the organization’s employees to focus on profit-generating activities. We have specialists on staff who manage benefits every day for various employers, and their expertise ensures that all paperwork will be completed on time, efficiently, and without errors.

As a California HR Outsourcing company, CBR offers employee benefits administration and many other HR Services that can help a company improve profitability.

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