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Arizona HR Outsourcing Can Help Your Organization Save Money and Stay Compliant

As an employer, certain HR duties that you must perform consume a great deal of time and money. Two examples of these costly tasks are employee benefits administration and ensuring compliance with ever-changing employment and labor laws. Fortunately, partnering with an Arizona HR Outsourcing provider like Creative Business Resources (CBR) can minimize the time, money, and resources spent on HR, leaving your staff and managers free to focus on their core, profit-making activities.

Reduce Costs on Employee Benefits Administration

An Arizona HR Outsourcing company can handle employee benefits for much less than most businesses can internally—while enabling employers to offer coveted perks at affordable rates. When you partner with CBR, your business will have access to large group buying power so you can save on benefits like health insurance, life insurance, and flexible spending accounts for your employees. This will help you remain competitive among other employers, attracting and retaining highly qualified individuals who will contribute to your organization’s success. Our benefits experts can guide you in developing customized plans that suit your needs and budget.

Avoid Penalties by Staying Compliant with HR Laws

State and federal laws that affect employers are constantly changing, imposing new requirements and subjecting organizations to the risk of substantial penalties. Examples of such laws and regulations include minimum wage rates, laws mandating overtime pay or paid sick leave, immigration requirements, and laws that require employers to provide health insurance.

As an Arizona provider of HR Outsourcing services, CBR has a team of HR experts who stay updated on the latest legal changes impacting employers. We can explain how certain laws and regulations apply to your organization, review your existing policies, and guide you through the process of ensuring compliance so that you do not incur any fines or other penalties. For example, verifying that all employees have the proper legal status to work in the U.S. is a major pain point for employers—particularly those based in Arizona. CBR is familiar with the intricacies of immigration law and can quickly confirm a job candidate’s status. Our team knows when and how to use the federal E-Verify system, and can guarantee the accuracy and timeliness of each step in the process.

In the costly and time-consuming areas of compliance and employee benefits, an Arizona HR Outsourcing company like CBR offers efficiency and accuracy.

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