U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sent this bulletin at 04/13/2019 06:15 PM EDT Denver Field OfficeKimberly Smith-BrownChristine NazerJoseph OlivaresJames RyanKim Dulicnewsroom@eeoc.govFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEEEOC RELEASES FISCAL YEAR 2018 ENFORCEMENT AND LITIGATION DATA     WASHINGTON — The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today released detailed breakdowns for the 76,418 charges of workplace discrimination the agency received in [...]

7 Critical Steps Employers Should Take to Avoid Workplace Harassment Claims in the “#MeToo” Era

In recent months, numerous prominent individuals—ranging from politicians to celebrities to business executives—have stepped down from positions of power after being publicly accused of sexual harassment or other forms of misconduct. As a growing number of victims have come forward with their allegations, a heightened awareness of what constitutes harassment and how to avoid it [...]

Hugging in the Workplace: Friendly Gesture or Grounds for a Lawsuit?

In most contexts, hugs are a social staple—a seemingly harmless means of expressing affection and friendship. However, a recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has left employers vulnerable to lawsuits when hugs in the workplace are deemed unwelcome or excessive. The plaintiff in Zetwick v. County of Yolo was a female correctional [...]