Social Security Administration Resumes Issuance of “No-Match” Letters

The Social Security Administration recently resumed issuance of Employer Correction Requests, formerly known as social security “no-match” letters. These SSA Employer Correction Requests are likely another effort of the federal government to crack-down on unauthorized workers in the United States.  The Employer Correction Requests alert employers of mismatches between submitted W-2 form information and SSA [...]

Employee’s Discrimination Case Involving Medical Marijuana Usage Provides Warning to Employers

"A recent case out of Arizona demonstrates that drug testing employees for marijuana use, and taking disciplinary action on the results, remains a complex issue in the many states which have legalized medical marijuana use. State statutes may (or may not) provide employee protections for off-duty use of medical marijuana or for status as a [...]

How Many is Too Many?

“Our employees are our most valuable asset!” What business owner would ever deny the value of his (or her) workforce?  After all, almost 100% of American companies would go out of business without employees!  They are essential to the success of almost any organization. Yet, how valued are your employees once safety enters the conversation? [...]

5 Evolving Trends Regarding Employee Time Off

With recent unemployment rates reaching historic lows, employers across the country are struggling with one downside of a strong economy: fierce competition for talent. To attract and retain qualified workers, companies of all sizes are bolstering their employee benefit offerings. A study by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that nearly a third [...]

Workplace Wellness Programs: The Key to Healthier Employees and a Healthier Bottom Line

While large corporations have been adopting workplace wellness programs for decades, smaller and mid-sized organizations often hesitate to implement such programs due to concerns that their benefits will not be sufficient to justify their costs. However, workplace wellness programs—which offer a wide variety of services designed to help employees achieve better health—are linked to several [...]

The Top 5 HR Issues Facing Businesses in the Accounting Industry

Businesses in any industry contend with their own unique HR challenges, from managing talent to complying with labor and employment laws to navigating generational shifts in the workforce. CPA firms and other businesses in the accounting industry must cope with these issues while also staying on top of an ever-changing tax code and financial regulations. [...]

CPA Firms—Have You Audited Your HR Practices?

Have You Audited Your HR Practices? For CPA firms and other businesses in the accounting industry, the stress of delivering optimal results for clients in light of a complex, ever-changing tax code can detract from effective workforce management and compliance with employment laws. However, it is crucial for employers in any industry to periodically review [...]

What Businesses in the Accounting Industry Should Know About California’s New Employment Laws

For employers in California, the beginning of 2018 ushered in a plethora of new employment laws designed to bolster employee rights. These laws—which range from a higher minimum wage to new requirements for the hiring process—apply to nearly all employers in both the public and private sectors. Complying with the new laws may be particularly [...]

IRS Reduces 2018 Family Contribution Limit for HSAs

On March 5, the IRS released Internal Revenue Bulletin 2018-10 announcing that the maximum annual limit for families contributing to a health savings account (HSAs) has been reduced from $6,900 to $6,850. This change is effective immediately, so certain taxpayers may need to adjust their HSA contributions for 2018—or face excise taxes and penalties if [...]

The Top HR Trends Employers Should Know About in 2018

The world of Human Resources is constantly evolving, and each new year ushers in new laws and trends that impact the workplace. For employers and HR professionals, it is crucial to keep abreast of these changes and understand how they affect an organization’s ability to build and manage a successful workforce. Several trends defined HR [...]