U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission sent this bulletin at 04/13/2019 06:15 PM EDT Denver Field OfficeKimberly Smith-BrownChristine NazerJoseph OlivaresJames RyanKim Dulicnewsroom@eeoc.govFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEEEOC RELEASES FISCAL YEAR 2018 ENFORCEMENT AND LITIGATION DATA     WASHINGTON — The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) today released detailed breakdowns for the 76,418 charges of workplace discrimination the agency received in [...]

First Impressions Matter: Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes When Onboarding New Employees

Faced with stiff competition for talent, employers across the country are investing heavily in their employee recruitment efforts. While attracting the right people is crucial for an organization’s success, many employers place too little emphasis on onboarding new employees—the pivotal process that comes after hiring a new employee. A proper onboarding process is important because [...]

Five Warning Signs of Employee Disengagement—and How to Fix It

For an organization to achieve optimal success, its employees must not simply do their jobs—they must do them with enthusiasm, a sense of personal investment, and a commitment to surpassing goals and driving results. These are characteristics of employee engagement, which refers to employees’ emotional commitment to and involvement in their organizations. Fully engaged employees [...]