Case Studies on HR Outsourcing

Here are some real-life case studies on HR Outsourcing and how CBR is helping our current clients thrive and reduce costs:

Making the Workplace Safer and More Enjoyable Case Study
All Things Metal came to CBR with a focus on safety, but has stepped up their game in making their workplace even safer and more enjoyable.

Legal Arizona Workers Act Case Study – The efforts made by CBR to educate the public on the facts of the Legal Arizona Workers Act demonstrate the company’s commitment to providing its clients with the highest standards of customer service and improving the overall quality of the PEO industry.

Customer Service Case Study – IMAG relies on PEO’s expert human resources consultants when an employee faces challenges with the E-Verify system.

PEO Case Study – Real Estate Company utilizes PEO’s full scope of services to improve their bottom line, saving $120,000 from payroll taxes and benefits payments.

HR Outsourcing Case Study – Roger, Phoenix Fence Builder, hires HR Outsourcing and Employee Leasing Firm so he can focus on growing his business instead of the details of employment.

HR Outsourcing Case Study – Lorrie, Phoenix Printer, hires PEO service firm, overcomes fear of employee leasing and saves on healthcare and time dealing with employment issues.

American Leadership Academy Case Study – Customized HR outsourcing and medical coverage solutions for Phoenix-area American Leadership Academy.

My wife and I have been using CBR for many years and both feel it’s a great value for the efficiency and security we get for our companies. Having had some negative experiences with employees in the past, they provide a great layer of protection and comfort going the extra mile for us. They offer tremendous value and it goes unsaid that I would recommend them.
Scott Tanner, CBR Client