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Payroll and Time Clock Services

CBR’s team of payroll experts will handle your complete payroll process while helping your organization save time, reduce costs, and improve accuracy.

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Payroll Services that Reduce Costs and Save Time

How would you like to remove the dreaded “Payroll” task from your long list of non-profit producing tasks? Consider outsourcing your payroll processing with CBR. We will assign a personal payroll expert to handle your complete payroll process listed below.

Payroll Process

  • Direct Deposit
  • Job Costing Reports
  • Section 125 Pre-tax Administration
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Payroll Deductions, Garnishments and Levies, including Child Support
  • Vacation, PTO and Sick Pay Accruals
  • Filing of Quarterly Reports – FICA, FUTA, SUTA
  • Filing of Federal and State Tax Payments
  • Assistance with Payroll Tax Audits
  • Production and Delivery of W-2s

Finding Payroll Efficiencies

Part of our service includes finding solutions to streamline the payroll process. Your payroll team will work with you to identify pitfalls or potential efficiencies that could be created between our two companies.

Your Payroll Duties: Before and After

With comprehensive employee benefits services from CBR, your business can eliminate the need to manage multiple vendor relationships. By outsourcing virtually all of your HR duties to CBR, you will save time, reduce costs, and improve focus, while still retaining control over your workforce.

Compare your HR duties (link) before and after working with CBR. This graph (link) will help you understand the distribution of duties among CBR and your business.

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